Earn Bitcoin at home again.

At present, the mining machine on the market has caused a lot of trouble to the people. LunarG’s birth attempts to solve the pain points.

Get ready

To be amazed.

Earn Bitcoin

When you working, watching movie, playing game. No need to learn any professional knowledge about mining Bitcoin.

entertainment center

Drive 4K 10bit movies or your favorite games, just put it in your living room.

Mine LX

Which is the economic cornerstone of next generate internet. Our official token in LunarX system.

Never stop

24H & 365D, incredible revenue ratio.

turn on LunaG earning Bitcoin in 30 seconds.

BTC’s mine has been difficult to block. But it is controlled by the giants. For home users, link to pool is a technical work. The wallet is very complicated to deal with too. With LunarG, all these are not problems. It already have prepared everything for you . 

Low power consumption​.

Traditional Bitcoin miner has a huge electricity consumption, only for the people who have the conditionally get very low cost electricity. Gratitude with our new mechanism, now you can enjoy earning Bitcoin at home without build factory in mountain.

1 W
Up to
1 %
Saving electricity

Conversation in restaurant


Bird calls




Stillness, Like Natural.

At the beginning of the design, we wish people can put it in living room, even bedroom. Now we can promise it will not effect your baby’s sleep. 

Computation is valuable resource.

All the Bitcoin mines are constantly calculating the Hash. Originally we could use these resources to medical industry and save more lives, or help other people finish works faster. Right now, we elevates the hardware to a whole new level of performance and portability. LunaG will providing valuable computing power for many business.

Up to

16 GB

Up to

500 GB
SDD storage

Up to

3.2 GB/s
SSD read speeds

Up to

4.3 GHz
CPU Turbo Boost

Enjoy time during Earning.

LunarG can be a part of your life. Whether it is a 4k movie or League of Legends, all these kinds of jobs are easy for the tiny body. You can keep earning Bitcoin when you play, edit photograph, write your work plan etc. 

the first batch of 500 units. the first batch of 500 units.

The last chance to get the 0ur highest discounted price, and in the first batch to get the special Promo Code which can benefit you and your friends! Data centres are a huge waste of resources, both physical size & power demands, now we must fix it!​


  • 4GB DDR4
  • 120GB SSD
  • 2.1GHz dual-core


  • 8GB DDR4
  • 250GB SSD
  • 1.6GHz quad-core


  • 16GB DDR4
  • 500GB SSD
  • 1.6GHz quad-core

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